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Parents, it is my desire to help your child grow in their faith. I recognize that our culture isn't one that fosters spiritual growth (at least not spiritual growth that is rooted in biblical truth). It actually attacks it from multiple angles. I want to come alongside you as a parent and help equip them to know Jesus better. I believe this is the recipe for experiencing the Holy Spirit to the fullest and having the ability to fight against the enemy. 

I will work towards a more established schedule throughout the year in 2024, but I don't want to wait until then. On Sunday, September 24 and Sunday, October 29, I will personally be leading a class for both 1st - 6th grade and another for 7th grade through college age. The 1st - 6th grade class will take place after the service on both of those days. We will provide lunch for them each time. You can take this time to get lunch or catch up on some errands. The 7th grade and up class will take place on Zoom both of these days at 6:00PM.

The topic for each group will be:
My Identity in Jesus (1st - 6th grade)
Christianity Explored - A study of Mark (7th - college)

Both of these are tailored to the specific age group. For the 7th - college group, we will also be discussing some of the tough topics/questions that they face as a high school or college student surrounded by peers who don't believe like they believe. Of course the BayLight kids class is a great place to learn the Bible. This will go beyond that and help them on a personal level. Both of these are designed for spiritual development or discipleship.

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