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BayLight Beginnings will take place on the first four Sundays in October. This will be the official start of the new church. This Thursday marks 100 days until our first service on October 3. In preparation for this, we are launching two campaigns:
100 Days of Prayer
Goal: Have one person praying for BayLight Beginnings every day between now and October 3.

We are inviting 100 individuals to be a part of this.  If you would like to join, please click the button below so we have your correct information. You will be given a specific day, and you will receive two lists. One list will be specifically for BayLight Beginnings, and the other list will have specific requests for that particular week.


100 Startup Partners
Goal: Partner with 100 churches or individuals who will give towards or pay for one of the expenses listed below.

If you have been connected with our ministry, you may remember when God provided us with many of our startup needs. Another church plant donated about $17,000 worth of equipment that we can use at the hotel! Since many of our normal startup needs are already met, we want to shift our focus on outreach and marketing. Since our team is small right now, we want to pour some money into areas that are likely to produce connections with people and potential team members and visitors for BayLight Beginnings. There are three categories we will focus on:

We believe the best way to connect with people is through face-to-face interaction. The BayLight Local Initiative is our way of serving others in our community.
Some of these projects include:
- Back to school supply drive
- Snow cones at the park 
- Sponsorship at community events
- Supplies for workers at hospitals
- Breakfast for school teachers
 *If you would like to cover the expenses for or donate towards one of the projects listed above, please let us know.

We have already seen both Facebook and Instagram prove to be effective at getting our church name in front of people in our community.
*$100 helps us reach about 2,500 people.

Almost every church planter I have spoken with said that they had people attend one of their first services because of information that was in their mailbox or on their door.
*$100 would pay for about 1,000 mailers or doorhangers.
 All the money that comes in for these projects will go to our sending church, Fellowship Baptist Church in Durham, NC. From there, we will have access to the money to use for our startup costs.

If you would like to donate by mail, you can send it here:
Fellowship Baptist Church      
515 Southerland St.
Durham, NC 27703
Memo: BayLight Startup Costs

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